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Therapy in your 20s

Why to Consider Therapy in Your 20s

Here are a few reasons why going to therapy practically saves your life.

1. Getting out of your comfort zone – You know there is this saying: life happens outside of your comfort zone. The beauty of therapy is learning how to handle life in new and improved ways. It always takes a little discomfort to grow anyway, right?

2. Feel lost after college/Post graduation depression – It is the society surrounding him/her which constantly reminds of that person’s responsibilities which leads to the suppression of their clear vision of future. depression is often directly linked to things one has in college that they longer had: Namely, the experience of being a part of a tightknit community, a social life planned out, or externally-imposed academic deadlines to structure time. But the biggest contributor to  post-graduation depression was  to adjust to a life that no longer aligned with passions. In college, one often has the freedom to shape their life based on their interests. It wasn’t long before I discovered that the real world didn’t work that way. 

3. You will redefine friendships and relationships – As you date and explore different relationships through your twenties, a therapist can be an invaluable resource as you clarify what’s important to you and what you’re looking for in a partner.

4.You won’t be 30 and fucked up – Without a spouse or kids to worry about, you can dig deep, take time to reflect, get to know yourself better, change old destructive habits, and establish new, healthy patterns. After front-loading this work in your twenties, the following decades of your life will feel profoundly richer, deeper, and clearer. I promise, you’ll thank yourself later.

5. Learning how to let go of things beyond ones control– Taught me how to let go of what I can’t control in life. Whether it’s how others feel about me, how people react to situations we are in together, or the choices the people around me make, but but now I can control which direction my adult life takes.

6. Gives you the clarity of what you want–and don’t want–from life – Would most of the twenty-four year old really know what they want or what they are doing with their lives? Our generation is expected to change careers more than once, we’re getting married later in life, and having kids (if we have them at all) much later than our parents did. There is a lot of uncertainity for our future. But there’s a lot of freedom too. Unlike generations before us, we have a lot of opportunity to explore what we want from ourselves, our partners, our jobs and careers. We don’t have to settle. We can take the time to really understand what makes us happy. Therapy helps us hone in on what we want.

I’m all about the self-care–and therapy is a great way to get your ‘me time’. Seriously: you get one hour to talk just about yourself, to someone who is qualified to give you the advice you need to live your best life. Yes please! And that’s not selfish: taking the time to work on yourself allows you to show up better for your partner, your family, your friends. It makes you the best you.

Your 20s are for wild discoveries, fearless experimentations and life-changing transformations.

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